Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cool for Cats

This time last year the catfish at Anglers Paradise switched on and a number of big fish were caught. Although the weather over the last few months has been colder than average I decided to risk a couple of nights after a catfish.

Easy Access Lake Monday 5th April 2010

I decided to spend my first night after catfish on Easy Access Lake which a few weeks earlier had produced a fish of 45lb to an angler fishing maggots. With a brisk westerly wind blowing into one end of the lake it was likely that carp, tench and orfe would follow the wind and the catfish would follow the food fish.

I decided to fish a 21ml halibut pellet below a method feeder containing scalded pellets and maggots mixed in with some tinned tuna. One rod was fished off an island and the other in open water. Unfortunately only a couple of single figure carp before midnight (one mirror and one common) rewarded my efforts.

Octopussy Lake Tuesday 6th April 2010

A change of venue saw my fishing another lake, octopussy named after the shape of the island in the middle of the lake. Fishing just off the two points of the island in front of me I hoped to intercept fish coming into my bay.

Before midnight I had three runs resulting in a mirror carp of 10lb 1oz and a common carp of 14lb 7oz. Unfortunately on the third run the bobbin tangled and the slack line given to untangle the bobbin resulted in the fish coming adrift.

In the end I decided it really was too cool for cats.