Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Red Letter Day in Paradise

 Zyg Gregorek started off as a fish farmer breeding exotic fish for the aquatic trade so it is no surprise to find these stocked into the lakes at Anglers Paradise.

Most of the anglers visiting Anglers Paradise concentrate on carp fishing, I find this difficult to understand as carp are now the most widely stocked fish in Britain. I like to fish for the specimen Golden Orfe that this complex is famous for and the Specimen Orfe and Tench lake is my favourite of Zyg's lakes.

Originating from Scandanavia orfe are reliable feeders in the cold water of early spring. It is a shame that more waters don't stock orfe as they would provide good sport during the colder months.

Classic tactics are spraying maggots under the float when they are in the mood to come up in the water.

However, this early in the year I felt that the feeder was the way to go so I set up a couple of barbel rods with 4 inch hooklengths between two float stops on a helicopter rig. One rubber maggot and two red maggots balanced the size 14 animal hook. Drennan's 30 gram feederbombs are perfect for any stillwater maggot feeder application.

The day was mild and overcast, the sun never quite breaking through, in other words a perfect fishing day.

Recasting every twenty minutes into a small bay I had bites throughout the day, most of which I connected with.

By the end of the day I had accounted for twelve golden orfe to 5lb, three blue orfe to 6lb 3oz and a couple of golden tench including a new personal best at 6lb 13oz. A red letter day indeed!