Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Grey Ghost of Weymouth Harbour

Whilst walking down to the stone pier along the harbour to  I couldn't help but notice that there were large numbers of grey mullet moving around under the pontoons. Some were even feeding on algae and other micto organisms in the mud only feet away seemingly oblivious to the hordes of tourists along the banks.

However mullet are notorously difficult to catch and I knew from previous experience that I needed to be out at dawn to maximise my chances.

So with the alarm set to 3.45am I was out at first light the following day armed with a barbel rod which was loaded with 8lb fluorocarbon due to the proximity of the pontoons. As we were in the middle of a heatwave the mullet were on the surface. My plan was to use a float for casting weight only and to fish breadflake on the surface and allow it to sink slowly as it became waterlogged. Feed was kept to a minimum to avoid spooking the mullet or worse attracting ducks!

I missed my first two chances but it was third time lucky, I watched the breadflake carefully as the mullet played around with it, not striking until the bait disappeared from view. It always surprises me just how fast mullet are and although I gave little line during the fight the fish was constantly changing direction. Netting was tricky as I was well above the water level but I eventually I banked a decent mullet of 3lb 10oz. I continued fishing for a couple more hours but as the town woke up the grey ghosts drifted back under the pontoons.